The colours of the great dane

In the F.C.I. standard, they are officialy five colours for the great dane : fawn, brindle, harlequin, black and blue.

The english standard, the american standard and the canadian standard reconized the mantle great dane as a sixth colour.

There is also another color, the merle, that is currently recognized by any standard.

Fawn great danes

Coat goes from light gold fawn to deep gold fawn. Black mask is desired. Small white marks on chest and toes are undesirable.

fawn great dane

Shakyra Nakya van de Paschardena
(Goldfinger's Argus/Nakya van de Paschardena)

Goldfinger's Argus
(Lord Arko van de Paschardena/Goldfinger's Uschi)

© Van de Paschardena breeding

black mask of a fawn great dane

Méherzugi Olympia
(Sting des Petites Vernières/Aida Aurora's Hope)

© De Ulmer breeding

Brindle great danes

Basic colour goes from light to deep gold fawn with black stripes as regular and clearly defined as possible, running with the direction of the ribs. Black mask is desired. Small white markings on chest and toes are undesirable.

brindle great dane

Enjoy the Silence della Rupe del Basso
(Bruno des Terres de la Rairie/Calamity Jane della Rupe del Basso)

© Della Rupe del Basso breeding

black mask of a brindle great dane

Tithan des Terres de la Rairie
(Rairie des Terres de la Rairie/Oratzie des Terres de la Rairie)

© De la Boite de Pandore breeding

Harlequin great danes

Basic colour is a pure white, preferably with no ticking, with pure black patches well distributed all over the body, having the appearance of being torn. Grey or brownish patches undesirable.

harlequin great dane

Borée-Atos d'Iskandar
(Tariqa d'Iskandar/Manolo von der Ofnethôhle)

© D'Iskandar breeding

Black great danes

Coat is a jet black. White markings are permitted.

black great dane

Taïko de La Vallée des Eoliennes
(Nat de l'Aygues-River/Limba noir de la Benjamine)

Uhlan de la Vallée des Eoliennes
(Ramayana/Shamaco de la Benjamine)

© De la Vallée des Eolienne breeding

Included here are :

Blue great danes

Coat is a pure steel blue. White markings on chest and feet are permitted.

blue great dane

Enduro vom Hause Wagner
(Uxalanda de la Benjamine/Nirvana vom Hause Wagner)

© Endurial breeding

Merle great danes

This colour is not an official colour in the great dane standard, so there are no rules. But we can say that the merle colour is like the harlequin colour, the basic gray colour remplacing the basic white colour.

merle great dane

Athéna du Domaine de Sultan
(Pharamond d'Iskandar/Odyssée du Domaine de Sultan)

© Du Domaine de Sultan Breeding

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