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Addition in the "Breeders" part the 03/24/2010

Welcome to the ZhongCheng breeding located in Australia (New South Wales).

Addition in the "Breeders" part the 03/23/2010

Welcome to the Nagyiregi breeding located in Hungary.

Bug fixed in the "add a breeding" form the 03/22/2010

A bug has been fixed in the script of "add a breeding" form. This bug caused an error that prevented sending data.

Addition in the "Breeders" part the 03/22/2010

Welcome to the Van der Ever breeding located in Chile.

General improvement of the site the 03/14/2010

It is now possible to have a direct access to the new pages created on the portal in the announcements on the news module of the home page.

Addition in the "Breeders" part the 03/09/2010

Welcome to the Di Stella Ardens breeding located in Ukraine.

Improvement of the "Breeders" part the 03/05/2010

It's now possible to add social networking services of Facebook and Twitter on the breeders files. It's also possible to add an address as Skype.

Addition of a forum the 03/04/2010

A forum has been added to the portal. For its launch, few topics have been created. It's possible that others may be added later.
Do not hesitate to register you and talk with great dane lovers around the world ^^

Addition in the "Breeders" part the 03/03/2010

Welcome to the Abbaio breeding located in Netherlands.

Addition in the "Breeders" part the 03/02/2010

Welcome to the De Aldama breeding located in Spain.

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