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Additions in the "Breeders" part the 06/22/2007

Welcome to the Casalbero breeding located in Spain and to the De la Forêt du Saint Quentin breeding located in France.

Additions in the "Breeders" part the 06/21/2007

Welcome to the Deschenesdanes breeding located in the United States (Maine) and to the Dazelia breeding located in Belgium.

Additions in the "Breeders" part the 06/20/2007

Welcome to the Vom Polarstern breeding located in Germany and to the La Croy de Bayone breeding located in Canada (Quebec).

Additions in the "Breeders" part the 06/19/2007

Welcome to the Von Martinez D'Muriel breeding located in Brasil and to the Viva La Vida breeding located in Poland.

Additions in the "Breeders" part the 06/17/2007

Welcome to the D'Iriso breeding located in Mexico and to the Méherzugi breeding located in Hungary.

Improvement of the menus the 06/17/2007

The code of the menus part has been modified in order to have menus more accessible. Now, it isn't possible any more to click on the link to the page on which you are already.

Addition in the "Breeders" part the 06/16/2007

Welcome to the Edendane's breeding located in Finland.

Addition in the "Breeders" part the 06/12/2007

Welcome to the Luizador breeding located in Russia.

Addition in the "Breeders" part the 06/03/2007

Welcome to the Du Clos des Braves breeding located in Belgium.

Oops ! the banners ... the 05/29/2007

After an optimization done on the server, the banners of the site didn't display any more ! They are available again.

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