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New service on the site the 04/18/2007

A very interesting service has been added on the site : a RSS feed. If you don't know what it is, it's way to receive directly on your browser informations from a site without to go on it. The feed will send the important news of the site, in fact what it's displayed in the "the last news" part on the home page.

Addition of the "Special links" part the 02/10/2007

Addition of the "Special links" part which presents some interesting links to great dane websites : art, sculpture, movie, forums, agility, etc.

Addition of the "Rescue" part the 01/18/2007

Addition of the "Rescue" part which contains the web sites addresses of rescue associations for abandoned great danes. This list is not exhaustive, and if you know an association which is not in this list, you can contact me to add it.

Addition of the "Local clubs" part the 01/17/2007

Addition of the "Local clubs" part which contains the addresses of various great dane clubs. Theses clubs give usefull informations for a specific area.

Happy new year 2007 ! the 01/01/2007

A good and happy new year to everyboby and also to ours danes !

Addition of the "Breeders" part the 12/29/2006

Addition of the "Breeders" part which presents the different great danes breedings all around the world. A special page is created for each breeding. The entering is totally free, so if you are breeder, don't hesitate to fill in the form to add your breeding.

At last ! And about time too ! the 12/20/2006

After very very long weeks of waiting, I received the file number from the C.N.I.L. (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des LibertÚs) at last, obligatory in the case of display of personnal data. It's now possible to fill in the "Breedings" part.

Additions in the "Health" part the 12/08/2006

Additions of 2 new articles in the "Health" part : the intoxication by the chocolate and the rabies.

Addition of the "Do a link part" the 12/07/2006

Addition of the "Do a link" part which contains all the official banners and buttons of the site.

Addition of the "Breed Clubs" part the 12/06/2006

Addition of the "Breed clubs" part which contains the web sites addresses of the official great dane clubs and also of the international federations of clubs.

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