Special links about great dane

This part presents some interesting links to websites talking about great dane.

Louise Peterson is an artist who sculpts great danes in different materials like bronze, pewter or marble. Impressive! (english)

Hollywood Danes presents great danes in movie circle. The data base contains movies from 1917 till now. (english)

Morgandane.com shows us the world of agility with great dane. The Morgan's work and lots of useful links about agility. (english)

L'Ami D'Al is an association of great danes lovers: individuals, breeders, veterinarians, behaviorists and lawyers. (french)

Swiss Dogue is an association which aims to promote the development of great dane with a maximum of informations on the race, day by friendly, walks, etc. (french)

Giantgeorge.com. is the official Web site of great dane George, the tallest living dog and the tallest dog ever recorded. (english)

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