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1. General

1.1 : Home

Go back to the home page of the english version of the site. This page describes the target of this web site and gives the last news.

1.2 : Link on the french flag

Go back to the home page of the french version of the site.

1.3 : Accessibility

Presents the accessibility policy and displays the navigation assistance, navigation by tab keys and navigators shortcuts.

1.4 : Add a breeding

Form to fill in to be in the great danes breeders database. The subscription is totally free. In exchange for this gratuitousness, only a link to this web site is asked.

1.5 : Do a link

Presents the different meanings to do a link to this site. And presents also the officials banners and buttons of the site.

1.6 : Contact

To contact the webmaster and administrator of this site.

2. Database

2.1 : Breeders

Indexes great danes breeders. The display by default is by country. By clicking on the name of the country, it gives all the breedings indexed by this site for this country. Then by clicking on the name of the breeding, it gives an informative file.

2.2 : Breed Clubs

Gives the great dane breed clubs indexed by this site.

2.3 : Local Clubs

Gives the local great dane clubs indexed by this site. This kind of club gives specific informations for an area in the world.

2.4 : Institutions

Indexes the addresses of institutions in the canine world. Theses adresses are filed by country. It presents the canine organizations of the different coutries and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

2.5 : Rescue

Gives rescue organizations created espacially for great danes. They are filed by countries (and for the USA, also by states).

3. Great Dane

3.1 : Standards

Presents the different great dane standards in the world. Then each standard is detailed in a special page.

3.2 : Colours

Presents the different colours of the great dane. Each colour is illustrated with photos of great Danes.

3.3 : Dog shows

Presents some dog shows of great danes around the world.

3.3 : Health

Presents some articles useful for the health of ours danes.

3.4 : Special links

Presents some links to interesting websites about great dane.

4. Diverses

4.1 : Animal links

Gives some links of interesting animal sites.

4.2 : Other links

Gives some links of interesting sites which are not especially animal.

5. Special links at the end of the menu column

5.1 : Link on the "RSS" picture

Link which goes on the R.S.S. feed of the portal.

5.2 : Link on the "Firefox" picture

External link which goes on the Mozilla web site and which gives you the possibility to upload Firefox, an last generation open source browser.

5.3 : Thank-you link to Louise Peterson

External link which goes to the site of Louise Peterson who has given her kind permission to use the pictures of her two great danes sculptures for the making of the banner.

5.4 : Thank-you link to

External link which goes to the site of which has given their kind permission to use their flags for this site.

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