Great dane health : the entropion


Like for the ectropion, the entropion is an eye default.

It is characterized by the eyelid which folds inward.

schema of the entropion

The origins of an entropion can have severals possible causes : congenital, spasm (senile) or scarring (after a trauma).


Folding inward the eye, the eyelid puts in touch the lashes with the cornea. It causes a discomfort and an irritation. The dog has a tendency to rub its eye non-stop.

It can be seen a frequent winking of the eyelids which aggravates more the winding of the eyelid.

It can be seen also a watering with a discharge prevented by the position of the eyelids.


An entropion must be treated with serious because in the course of time, infectious complications can spread to all the eye and make a general infection of the eyeball with finally the loss of the eye.

The only treatment is an operation which consists to reapply the eyelid against the cornea by decreasing the surface tensions on the eyelid.

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